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Are you... least 18 years old? ...fluent in American Sign Language?

If so, then the Biomechanics of Sign Language Study may be for you!

Researchers at Arizona State University are conducting a study comparing the biomechanics of native versus second language American Sign Language (ASL) users.

Who is eligible?

Individuals older than 18 years old
Fluent American Sign Language (ASL) users
Deaf or hearing individuals with Deaf parents (native)
Deaf or hearing individuals with hearing parents (second language)
Those with OR without pain from using sign language to communicate

What will a participant do?

Qualify for the study by completing a questionnaire
Communicate using sign language in a motion capture laboratory Muscle activity will be measured while signing
All testing will be completed in a single site visit

Participation is completely voluntary

If you are interested in participating in this study:

Contact Gretchen Roman at

Click here for the flyer version: Flyer_ASLBiomechanics.pdf


Arizona Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

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