Membership Benefits

Arizona RID would like to take a moment to thank every one of our members past, present, and future because with out your help our organization cannot continue to support our local and national community. We are excited for the future of this organization and the dedication of our members to help us promote policies and activities that will further the profession. 

Arizona RID Membership Benefits Include:

  • Leadership positions
  • Exposure for networking opportunities
  • Be involved in providing professional development to the local interpreting community
  • Stay informed of the latest industry news
  • Reduced registration fees for local workshops and conferences sponsored by Arizona RID
  • Voting privileges (for members that qualify)
  • Voice your opinion on local and national issues
  • Online payment options for membership dues, workshops, and conference fees
  • Online Membership Directory
  • Membership fees can be used as a deductible business expense
  • Join our Mentorship program as a mentor or mentee
  • Annual newsletter
  • Be involved in maintaining and promotes the Code of Professional Conduct for interpreters and transliterators
  • Access to Members Only Forums
  • CEU processing
  • Being involved in a membership and participating looks great on your resume!


Arizona Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

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