As a member driven organization, the future success of Arizona RID is dependent on the involvement of our members. In addition to our Board of Directors, we also have Committee and Committee Chair positions available. If you are a member in good standing of Arizona RID and would like to volunteer your services, please email our Secretary Bryanna Browder at

All Arizona RID Committees operate under the direction of the Arizona RID Committee Handbook

Arizona RID Committees:

Bylaws Committee

CMP Coordinator
Chair: Leann Smith
Email chair at

Fundraising Committee 

K-12 Interpreter Committee

Mentorship Committee


Professional Development

Nominations Committee 
Responsible for organizing all manners of and related to call for nominations procedures and running election processes during business meeting.
Membership Committee 
Responsible for recruiting and maintaining members, and the maintenance of member lists
Legislative Committee
Responsible for keeping abreast of any legislation that may affect the Arizona Interpreting community
Publication Committee
Responsible for the organizations newsletter
Professional Deaf Interpreters Committee
Provide and support communication regarding Professional Deaf Interpreters 

Arizona Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

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