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There are four ways to earn CEUs:

1. Academic coursework taken from an accredited institution

2. RID-approved sponsor initiated activities

3. Participant-initiated non-RID activities (PINRA)

4. Independent study activities

Steps to Completing Academic Coursework

·       Contact to process the Academic Coursework Activity Plan form.

·       Complete the course. As long as the course is taken during your current CMP cycle, paperwork may be filed anytime during that current cycle.

·       Submit a copy of your transcript to the sponsor. You must earn a grade of a C or better to receive CEUs.

·       If the course is offered during a semester, the number of CEUs equals 1.5 per semester credit (i.e. a 3 credit course = 4.5 CEUs). If the course is offered during a quarter, the number of CEUs equals 1 per quarter credit (i.e. a 3 credit course = 3 CEUs).

Steps to Use Sponsor Initiated Activities

·       Make sure CEUs for the workshop are offered by an RID Sponsor (look for the CMP logo on the flyers)

·       Register for and attend the workshop

·       When you attend the workshop, make sure you have your RID member number, located on your membership card and in your membership profile.

·       Sign the Activity Report Form and record the activity number for your own documentation.

Steps to Complete a PINRA

·       Obtain information about the conference, workshop or seminar you want to attend.

·       Contact prior to the commencement of the activity. Keep in mind most sponsors have full-time jobs other than their work as sponsors. Please do not contact the day before an activity. You might be disappointed to find that the sponsor will not be able to sponsor that event for you.

·       Sponsor will discuss the PINRA with you to determine whether it is CEU-worthy, which category the activity will fall (general studies vs. professional studies) and how many CEUs can be awarded for the activity. They will send you a PINRA form to complete. Please note, it is the sponsor's right and responsibility to secure the necessary documentation from the CEU requestor to properly sponsor the activity according to the CMP Standards & Criteria.

·       Attend the conference or seminar and collect the appropriate documentation. Send the sponsor proof of attendance once the activity is completed.

Steps to Complete an Independent Study

·       Decide on the activity for which you wish to earn CEUs

·       Contact, the sponsor will processes Independent Studies and discuss your ideas. You will be asked to respond in writing to a few questions to help map out what you will be doing.

·       The Sponsor will sign and approve the Independent Study Plan. You may now begin work on the activity (any work done before this point cannot earn CEUs). It is important to document your time and efforts while you work on your activity.

·       At the completion of the activity, send the sponsor your report, documentation and other information outlined in the Independent Study Plan. The sponsor will review the documentation to ensure that it meets the standards and goals agreed upon in the Independent Study Plan.

·       When satisfied that the project has been completed satisfactorily, the sponsor will fill out the Independent Study Activity Report and send all required paperwork to RID Headquarters to be added to your record.

For more information please contact our CMP/CEU administrator or refer to RID national CEU home page


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